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  • How Many Gears Do I Need? Single Speed 3 Speed 7 Speed 21 Speed

    There are single speed bike (1 gear) 3-speed bike (3 gears) 7-speed bike (7 gears) 21-speed bike (21 gears).   Fewer gears the bike has, less maintenance you have to perform on your bike. More gear...

  • Electric Bike E-Bike EBike E Bike

    What's an electric bike? It's a bike with an electric motor. There are a few different types of electric motor however we offer the rear motor hub. This method the battery gives power to the rear m...

  • Stand-Over Height For All Bikes

    Stand over height means the measurement from the top of the seat tube to the ground. EvryJourney Men 27” Women 21” Around The Block Men 30” Women 23” In The Barrel Men 27” Ride In The Park M...

  • Seat To Stem Length Measurment

    EvryJourney Men 23.5" Women 23" Around The Block Men 23.5" Women 23" In The Barrel Men 27" BeCruiser Men 22" Women 22" Ride In The Park Men 25" Women 24" Explore Your Range Men 22" Women...

  • Handle Bar Rise and Width

    Handlebar Width and Rise by Model   EvryJourney     Width 27"     Rise 6" Explore Your Range Width 23.5" Rise 3.5" Ride In The Park Width 23.5" Rise 3.5" In The Barrel Width 27" Rise 6" Bod...

  • Proper Foot Positioning

    When you go for a ride, you probably pedal around with the pedals on the arch of your foot (middle part of your foot).  However, the best way to ride is on the balls of your feet, especially when y...

  • Using Coaster Brakes and Hand Brakes with Video for using Hand Brakes

    Bikes come with several different braking systems for different uses. These can be coaster brakes, hand brakes, disc brakes, or even drum brakes. Single-speed bikes use a coaster brake (pedal brake...